Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter Willow Smith appear to have a pretty tight relationship. Pinkett's most recent social media offering seems to point to this connection, bringing it all the way back to the early 2000s when Willow was a toddler. The actress uploaded a clip of a mini Willow gushing out an arguably unintelligible speech. Subtitles are added to the video to translate the baby talk. Check out the wholesome content after the jump.

 Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The text winks at the Smith's apparent woo-woo tendencies as it makes the baby appear to be speaking of the infinite nature of humans within an ever-expanding universe. "So here's the thing, mom. If you want to remove toxicity from your life, you have to remove the source of that toxicity," the subtitles state. "We are not just bodies. We are energy."

When the toddler grabs her little wrist, the subtitles clarify her litany. "Look at my hands," Willow is made to say. "We are beams of light and It is our jobs to spread that light." She goes on about the energetic experience and concludes: "The universe is infinite. We are infinite."

Willow and her mother have actually engaged in public discourse since this video was shot through their show, Red Table Talk. Check it out here.