Jada Pinkett recounted a terrifying situation during an episode of Red Table Talk. The women's conversation focused on the issue of domestic violence which led Pinkett to tell a story about a former lover.

The actress explained how she was leaving a restaurant with this ex-boyfriend who insisting on driving even though he had been drinking.

“He started getting really aggressive in the car. Thank goodness I knew where I was and I knew how to get out of the car and get to the house. I ran to the house. I had to take my clothes off, take off my heels. I always travel with a black Russell hoodie and black Russell sweats.”

She said she took “a big ol’ knife from the kitchen” after changing her outfit and hid inside her boyfriend’s son’s room. She waited for the man there until he entered the home “on the creepy creep, creep like he was going to sneak up on me.”

A frightened Jada heard eventually came out of the bedroom but kept her distance when she commanded him to stay away from her.

“He said the quintessential line you hear in movies all the time, ‘You think I would hurt you? I would never do that to you,'” Pinkett Smith recalled.