Jada Pinkett Smith may be conservative with her money, but she's a little looser with her fashion. The multi-talented artist took to Instagram on New Year's Eve to give her fans and followers well wishes and words of wisdom. Her post features a picture of the singer and actress in a blue bikini while laying on the beach. The weather looks serene, so either Jada is on vacation, or she's giving us taste of a past adventure. 

"I welcome you 2021 with open arms," reads the post. "I have no expectations. I’m going to be still and grateful" It seems everyone is hopeful for a better 2021 than 2020. Jada's wrist is dripped in diamond bracelets in the pictures, while she also rocks a necklace with a golden ankh pendant. 

Jada loves to show off what God gave her, but she recently also supported her daughter Willow for doing the same. Willow was featured in Rihanna's Fenty fashion show this year, which had a unique vibe. The fashion show also showcases as a performance set for some artists, while other celebrities make guest appearances to rock the clothes. "You really stepped into your womanhood this year and you showed the world your transformation during your Fenty strut," Jada stated of her daughter's lingerie debut.