In a recent Instagram post, Adrienne Banfield Norris’ toned physique makes another appearance, meanwhile, we’re all still getting over the Thanksgiving Day bloat. She captioned that because her injured foot has kept her away from the gym, she’s “looking more than just ‘full’ in the middle.”

WHERE?! If this is what 67 can look like, I need to run to the gym, like, yesterday.

When she’s not in the gym, she can be seen in the Facebook talk show series Red Table Talk alongside daughter Jada and granddaughter Willow Smith. She recently made headlines for checking Olivia Jade Giannulli and her white privilege at the red table. Giannulli, a popular YouTuber, faced public shame after her parents, actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, were implicated in the infamous 2019 college admissions scandal.

jada pinkett smith and her mom

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

“I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted with everything we have to deal with as a community and I just don’t have the energy to put into the fact that you lost your endorsements, or you’re not in school right now,” Banfield told Giannulli. “Because at the end of the day you’re gonna be OK ‘cause your parents are gonna go in and they’re gonna do their 60 days and they’re gonna pay their fine and you guys will go on, and you’ll be OK and you will live your life. And there’s so many of us where it’s not gonna be that situation. It just makes it very difficult right now for me to care.”

Check out those abs in action below.