Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith have been admirably candid about their relationship. Using various platforms including the web television talk show, Red Table Talk, the two actors have highlighted the peaks and downfalls of their lives together, encouraging fans to seek truth, fulfillment, and happiness on their journeys. As if that weren't enough, as chronicled on their social media pages, the pair is known for going on thrilling adventures and taking on challenging projects.

In a recent interview on BET's Raq Rants with TMZ's Raquelle Harper, Jada discussed her dynamic with Will, dispelling any ideas that the two frequently engage in competition. When asked by whether she and Will attempt to outshine one another's achievements, Jada responded "Hell no!" with a grin on her face adding, "He can't do what I do, and I can't do what he does, you know what I'm saying?"

All it takes is one look at the accolades under the names of either Smith to realize that they have each managed to do incredible things. While Will has taken on feats such as Bungee jumping out of a helicopter into the grand canyon, Jada has jumped out of a plane herself. There is no doubt that they are both impressive individuals. 

Check out a clip of Jada's conversation with Raquelle below.