Following his interview with Angela Yee, August Alsina is all anyone can talk about. The singer sat down for an intimate interview with The Breakfast Club host where they conversed for an hour about a number of topics. August Alsina became emotional while discussing the passing of his sister, he talked about becoming a parent and raising his sister's children, he opened up about his health struggles and feeling as if he was actually going to die at certain points, and he delivered words of wisdom about his personal growth. However, when he shared that he received Will Smith's "blessing" to engage in a romantic relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith, social media did a triple take.

There have been rumors over the years about August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith, with some even stating that his single "Nunya" was about the actress. During his talk with Angela Yee, August revealed that Will and Jada are "life partners" who are no longer romantically involved. He claims that he and Jada were together and in love for years, but after his sister passed away, it was important for him to live his truth so he decided to end things, even though he gave his "full self" to the relationship.

Social media had quite a bit to say, so we've collected a few reactions to the news. Some people pulled a few August and Jada photos from the archives, so enjoy those, as well. Page Six reported that Jada's rep said that August's comments were "absolutely not true," but we're waiting for more confirmation on that.