Following behind the likes of Jeezy, Jadakiss is the now latest rapper to grace the cover of Source Magazine.

Hitting newsstands everywhere on December 4, Source had the opportunity to sit down with the Yonkers native in the middle of his promotional run for #T5DOA, which he openly says he hasn’t done in a while (2009 to be exact). While we wait for that full interview & cover story to surface, here’s an excerpt straight from The Source giving us an idea of what to expect:

Deliberate and direct. So it comes as no surprise when I point out a few people have mentioned he’s looking happier than ever during his recent promotional appearances. He quickly shoots that down. “I got a good poker face, dog. If I put my weight on your back, you wouldn’t move a yard.” He says, “yard” with the conviction of a prosecutor who knows the subject of their cross-exam is guilty. It’s the loudest his voice had reached all day. “For me, this is a business, it’s a regular job. When I go home, I deal with the bulls*it of trying to run my family and make everybody happy. When I’m at work, I’m dealing with trying to make hit records, sell merch, book tours and get endorsements and branding and stuff like that. I very seldom try to intertwine the two because it could f*ck you up. But I also use some of the stress and hardships of my life at home and let that out in the studio, as opposed to going somewhere and doing something stupid.”

Look for The Source to reveal cover 3-of-3 next week, with the Jeezy issue hitting newsstands on Tuesday, December 1.