Once upon a time, The Lox was signed to Bad Boy Records. JadakissSheek Louch, and Styles P would grow disenchanted with their deal because their style wasn't meshing well with Bad Boy's sound, but parting ways was easier said than done. Jadakiss recently revealed that Diddy decided to let them go after a heated exchange resulted in Styles P throwing a chair at the mogul, but the group was still at odds with Puff over their publishing. 

Brad Barket / Stringer / Getty Images

Back in 2005, The Lox visited Hot 97 and chatted with Angie Martinez about their gripes with Diddy. The group talked about signing over most of their publishing to the Bad Boy founder when they inked their contracts, and things took a turn when Diddy called the station to discuss their concerns. An angry Jadakiss told Diddy he'd throw a refrigerator at him, but thankfully, no one has had furniture tossed their way.

Recently, former Bad Boy rapper Mase took to Instagram to publicly call out Diddy for not selling him his publishing. He said that Diddy talks about "black excellence," but when Mase approached Diddy with $2 million, Diddy allegedly rejected the offer because someone else was interested. Diddy has yet to respond to the allegations, but MRECK TV caught up with Jadakiss to get the rapper's thoughts on Mase's beef with Diddy.

"I think Mase got a good enough relationship, he can go talk to Diddy," Jadakiss said. "The way we did it on the radio with Angie [Martinez], that was different. We was young kids. We ain't understand business the way we do now, being business owners and fathers and grown men about it. Mase gotta better relationship with Diddy than we actually had, so he can go talk to him."

"In his defense, I don't know how it was going down so he's doing what he gotta do," the rapper added. "I just know I would handle it different at this point in life. When we did the whole 'Let The Lox Go' campaign we was still teenagers. Twenty-years-old, early twenties. Everybody's grown men known and they know right from wrong... You can go talk to a man as a man and handle your differences, settle your differences without this foolishness or without social media." Check it out below.