Jaden Smith recently dropped his latest project entitled The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. While this release lands within his Cool Tape series, the new collection of songs resonated with his listeners differently in comparison to his previous offerings. The inspiration for the 11-track tape might be the source of this distinction.

Smith shared his "vision" for the album which took the form of a dedication to women who have influenced his life directly or otherwise. He says thank you to some and apologizes to others, specifically someone he refers to as "Eve" who might be the same one mentioned in his song "E."

"I dedicate this album to the Females in my life, from the pretty girl crossing the street that I never got a chance to talk to or get out of my head, to the girls that I see in my favorite movies that are way out of my league and unaware of my existence. Even my Xs- Tthe ones I'm in communication with, and the ones that I'm not. All those times by The Beach, in The Hills, in The City, or in The Valley listening to the Beatles, thank you, I love you."

He attributes his musical output to these feminine entities and expresses gratitude for their contribution to his life.