It's insane to think that after nearly five years, Flint still does not have clean drinking water. The issue was given much media attention at the beginning, declining in coverage as time went on. It's still a major problem though with thousands of American citizens not having access to clean water. Thankfully, there are plenty of donations coming in and foundations around the country are trying to help out as much as they can. Jaden Smith's organization will actually be leading a new initiative to bring clean water to the Mighican city, partnering with a church to deploy a mobile water filtration system today.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

According to Page Six, Jaden Smith is teaming up with First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to provide clean drinking water to residents of Flint, Michigan. A mobile filtration system called "The Water Box" will be deployed today, which reduces lead and other contaminants in water. Jaden's company JUST Goods worked with the church to design and engineer the system. Keep in mind, Smith is only 20-years-old. This is a totally selfless move for him to make, helping others get what they deserve. 

The church he worked with has donated over five million water bottles to residents but water donations are growing slim. Hopefully, Jaden's Water Box initiative works out in the long run because it's been far too long for Flint residents to be without water.

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