Jaden Smith has been an outspoken advocate in eliminating Flint, Michigan's water crisis. It's been over five years and Flint still doesn't have clean drinking water, so instead of waiting for politicians to come up with a solution, Smith partnered with the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church for a filtration project. Back in March, Smith and his mother Jada Pinkett Smith visited Flint to unveil "The Water Box," a mobile device created with the help of 501CTHREE. The box helps to filter out contaminated water that has been making residents ill for years. "The Water Box" is located at First Trinity Church and Flint residents can visit on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon to filter their water, a process that cleans 10 gallons of water per minute.

During his recent appearance on Ellen, Smith revealed that a second "Water Box" had been created and he's donating it to Flint in Ellen DeGeneres's name. “We’ve kind of been tracking the progress of what’s been happening in Flint since the beginning and supplying Flint with clean water,” Smith said. “Bottles of water aren’t the most efficient thing all the time so we created this water filtration system and you can fill up bigger containers of water. People can come with five or 10-gallon drums and fill up for free in 60 seconds at First Trinity Baptist Church.”

The new Water Box was even outfitted with Ellen's logo. Check out the moment on Ellen below.