When Jaden Smith proclaimed his love for Tyler, The Creator at Camp Flog Gnaw this weekend, he probably wasn't expecting social media to go wild. Or maybe he did and that's exactly the reason he said it... Jaden certainly doesn't seem like the type of person to troll the world for media attention. He's been quite an enigmatic figure in the past and so has Tyler, The Creator, for that matter. During his stage show at Tyler's festival, Jaden Smith decided to tell the world about his "boyfriend," shocking the crowd by revealing his possible relationship with the Odd Future frontman. While this seems to have been a troll-job by the two, we're still insanely confused and so are tons of their fans.

After the two exchanged a few tweets, it's still unclear whether or not Jaden and Tyler are actually dating. Some fans that were in attendance say that Smith actually brought out his girlfriend right after he introduced Tyler as his man. They could be polyamorous though... who knows? With so many people still unsure what went down at Camp Flog Gnaw, we've decided to round up a few reactions to the entire situation in an attempt to better understand what's going on.

Are they together, or no? At this point, it seems as though Tyler isn't even sure. Chime in in the comments.