Marvel's continued dominance of the superhero movie market could lead to a big shakeup of the DC Comics roster.

According to the folks over at Screen Rant, Ben Affleck could be replaced in the Batman role before the year is out and, among the names that have been rumored as contenders to don the cape and cowel next, Jake Gyllenhaal has emerged as one of the front runners. Sources have been conflicted on whether or not Affleck's future as Batman/Bruce Wayne is uncertain, but the weak box office performance of Justice League (at least where studio expectations were concerned) and the continued whispers about his compliance in the current swath of sexual harassment allegations that have cast a dark cloud over Hollywood have supposedly made his position within that cinematic universe far less certain.

Affleck is currently attached to star in a new solo Batman film epic that, as of now, will be helmed by Matt Reeves. If that doesn't pan out and the Good Will Hunting star isn't able to follow through on his commitment to the lead role, Reeves reportedly wants Gyllenhaal above all others as the actor to slip into the oft-essayed role of troubled billionaire Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter ego. 

No timetable has been set for any long-term casting decision to be made, but the anticipation of a major shakeup continues to build and build. This isn't the first time that Gyllenhaal, who was also in the running to replace Tobey Maguire in the original Spider-Man film trilogy, has been in the mix for the Batman role. Back when Christopher Nolan was going through the casting process for Batman Begins, Gyllenhaal supposedly auditioned and came very close to nabbing the honor that eventually went to Christian Bale.

Though he might have a hard time replicating the grizzled, world-wearya approach that Affleck brought to the role, the 36-year-old is no slouch in the acting department, having recently starred as Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman in Stronger

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