Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to hit North American theatres on July 2nd, but it would appear that actor Jake Gyllenhaal is already having trouble moving on. Though it's still too early to tell whether this dashing, heroic variant of Mysterio is here to stay, or if he'll reveal his true Comic-Book colors by the time the third act rolls around, it seems as if the Oscar nominee had a grand old time playing the iconic character. So much so, that he appears to be suffering from the rare yet undoubtedly potent "post Spider-Man premiere blues."

The Sean Paul connoisseur recently took to Instagram to share visual evidence of his fishbowl-clad bender, which brought him to some unexpected depths. Picture Mysterio sitting by a bar, attempting to drown his sorrows in frothy ale, only to remember he neglected to design a sippy-hole. Meanwhile, the plate of comfort food remains destined to go untouched, another side-effect of Mysterio's poor costume design choices.

Though depressing to behold, director John Watts seemed to find the whole thing rather amusing. "This should have been our post-credits tag," he writes, sliding into Jake's comments. Hopefully, Gyllenhaal can once again land on his feet, as the acting world sure as hell needs the likes of him. You looking forward to that new Spider-Man joint?