With the upcoming release of Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home, actors Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal have been doing the usual press runs around the globe. The pair certainly have been offering a comedic output in what can be considered a deluge of interviews currently floating around. Most recently, the duo sat down with BBC Radio 1 on a program entitled Breakfast with Greg James to participate in the popular "Unpopular Opinion" segment. As such, listeners chimed in on their personal opinions, which usually defies that of the consensus. Through the several things stated which included an interesting commentary on the Game of Thrones along with a revelation that Holland does not watch it (shame), a listener brought forth the "unpopular opinion" that he does not like Sean Paul. Gyllenhaal's reaction was priceless and even shocked his co-star Tom Holland who affirmed he did not see Jake as a "Sean Paul kind of guy."

"No. Just hang up on him," defended Gyllenhaal upon hearing the unfavourable opinion about Sean Paul. "There’s not a moment where he comes on the radio where you’re not like, come on! He makes driving fun. I don’t care what you’re doing. You could be stuck in traffic and he comes on and you want to dance. Doesn’t matter. Totally disagree. That is an unpopular opinion. Now I understand the game." The clip ends with the actors and host jamming to Sean Paul.