Ever since Netflix released "Bird Box" to the world, the memes have really been a sight to behold. People have been flocking to social media to post their best Sandra Bullock memes. It's no surprise that a challenge was spawned from the movie, where people try to do things with a blindfold on. Jake Olson, a Long-Snapper for the USC Trojans was one of those people, as he took to social media to snap a football with a blindfold. 

This would normally phase most people, but considering Olson is blind, he was able to complete the challenge with ease. Olson lost his sight when he was 12 years old due to Cancer but persevered and was introduced to some players on the team when he was younger, thanks to then head coach Pete Carroll. As a kid, Olson was a long-snapper for his flag football team and even tried out for his high school team which he eventually played for.

When Olson got to USC, he was approached by the coaching staff and was given a spot on the football team.

The video below shows Olson snapping the football in a live game for the first time.

For more information on Olson's inspiring journey, watch this video.