The brawl at Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's press conference yesterday (May 6) has its consequences. The world witnessed the meltdown between Mayweather and Logan's brother Jake Paul after the latter snatched Mayweather's hat off of his head. The boxing icon and his entourage made sure Jake felt the heat and Paul walked away with a torn shirt and a black eye. 

The public quickly reposted stills, photos, and video clips from the incident that was obviously a move to intensify the hype surrounding Mayweather's match against Logan. Jake went on to taunt Mayweather endlessly, even receiving a "gotcha hat" tattoo, but Logan delivered the news that his brother isn't allowed to watch the bout go down next month at the stadium.

On Instagram, Logan shared a video of himself delivering the bad news to Jake. "They're not letting you into the fight," said Logan. "You're literally banned from the Hard Rock Stadium on June 6." Unfazed, Jake cooly replied, "Swipe up, I'll buy the fight. I don't care." Some boxing fans have expressed disappointment in how Mayweather responded to the Paul brothers' jeering, while others are looking forward to seeing how the boxing champion's fight with Logan Paul will end.

Meanwhile, there still hasn't been a confirmed date for Mayweather vs. Jake Paul, although it has been rumored that it will go down sometime this year.