Jake Paul might have millions of young fans all around the world but on social media and beyond, he tends to get a lot of hate. It's easy to see why as his antics are always getting him into trouble and his attitude seems entitled at best. Regardless, Paul is everywhere these days as he is constantly looking for content for his YouTube page.

On Saturday night, Paul found himself in Arizona, more specifically, at a mall in Scottsdale. This mall was being looted while Paul was there and he got caught in the middle of all of it. In this video provided to TMZ, Paul can be seen watching the protesters destroy stores and steal items. While Paul doesn't actually partake in any of the lootings, you can clearly see he is amazed by what he's witnessing.

People on social media seemed to be quite outraged by Paul's involvement as they felt he is too rich to be looting like this. Once again, he wasn't actually stealing or destroying anything but social media was upset, regardless.

Since the killing of George Floyd, protests have been occurring all across the nation as people are demanding real change. Hopefully, this change happens sooner rather than later.