Dana White has never been a big fan of Jake Paul and now that he's going up a former UFC fighter in Ben Askren, White is even more brazen with his hatred. For instance, White was recently on Mike Tyson's podcast, which also featured the likes of former boxer Zab Judah. During the conversation, White was extremely dismissive of Paul and even claimed that he would bet seven figures on the fight. Tyson and Judah defended Paul but White did not want to hear it.

"Let’s be honest, Jake Paul isn’t a f**king boxer. This guy is a fucking YouTube kid," White said. “I hope you can bet on this thing because I will bet ONE MILLION DOLLARS that he loses this f**king fight."

Paul was quick to react to White's slander as he immediately took to Instagram where he challenged White to double his money. Needless to say, Paul is confident that he's got this fight in the bag.

"Dana let’s double the bet up! $2 Million. We wire the money into escrow. $4 million total. Winner takes all. My team will be in touch to make a contract. After I knockout Ben, we can set up Jake Paul Vs. Dana White 2021 since you consider yourself a “Boxer” and me a “YouTuber," Paul said.

It remains to be seen whether or not White will take this challenge, but if he stands by his words, then it would certainly make sense to double up. Not to mention, even if White loses the bet, it's not like he'll go broke.

Dana White

Ethan Miller/Getty Images