Jake Paul has been known to stir the pot over the years, and this has been especially true leading up to the fight between his brother Logan and Floyd Mayweather. During a press conference in Miami a few weeks ago, Paul stole the hat off of Mayweather's head which led to a massive melee. Eventually, Paul escaped the altercation with some bruises and was promptly banned from the fight. Jake still has every intention of attending the event, and we're sure he's got some interesting antics planned.

Yesterday, it was reported that Paul had been kicked out of a Mayweather-hosted event in Miami. In the clip which can be found below, Paul is seen walking away from an event while surrounded by his entourage. Now, Paul is responding to the footage claiming that he was never kicked out of an event. In fact, Paul said he was at an OVO party and left at his own will.

"Media so thirsty these days," Paul wrote. "It wasn’t a Floyd party it was an OVO party that I left from on my own. OVO my brothers"

Regardless of what really went down, it is clear that Jake is ready to witness one of the biggest boxing events of the past few years. For some, this fight is a total sham although for others, it's going to be one incredible spectacle.

Jake Paul

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images