Jake Paul has been all over the news throughout the past month and much of it has to do with his brutal knockout of Nate Robinson. Following the fight, many began to notice that Paul is taking boxing quite seriously, and now that he is calling out fighters left and right, some are being rubbed the wrong way. Of course, Paul is looking to fight Conor McGregor which is something that has upset other fighters like Nate Diaz and Michael Bisping. Even Dana White has disparaged Paul noting that a fight with Conor would never happen.

In response to all of the flack he has gotten, Jake decided to take to Instagram with a hilarious video in which he impersonates all of the UFC characters who have been talking smack. As you will see, the YouTube star has a pretty incredible impersonation of White and McGregor, although he certainly decided to go vulgar with it.

Moving forward, it still remains to be seen whether or not Jake will actually get a fight with any of these big names. In two months from now, his brother Logan will get to fight against the likes of Floyd Mayweather, and at 2-0, it's clear that Jake is destined for a huge prizefight, as well.

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Jake Paul

JC Olivera/Getty Images