Somehow and someway, Jake Paul managed to become one of the most buzzing fighters in the country. He absolutely demolished Ben Askren in the first round of their match on Triller Fight Night, knocking out the retired UFC fighter in the first round. Following the bout, which many have speculated could have been rigged, Jake and Ben continued going at each other's throats on social media, potentially teasing a rematch in the future. However, because Jake knows he's one of the most in-demand fighters right now, he's chosen to move on to bigger and better targets.

Revealing that he was offered a deal to wrestle against Ben Askren for another multi-million dollar bag, Jake Paul told his fans that he decided to step away from the rumored WWE or AEW match-up, choosing to focus on his next opponent instead.

Al Bello/Getty Images

"I doubled Ben Askren's Instagram following within 3 months. Made him the biggest pay day of his life. KO’d him in 1 minute. And this douchebag still talking sh*t," wrote the YouTube influencer on Twitter. "Isn’t life funny? What I love about power is having the ability to put people on and choosing not to. Ben and I were supposed to have a wrestling PPV match after their fight which would have easily generated millions of dollars. Im choosing not to do it anymore because he’s a f*cking loser."

Would you have been down to see Jake Paul and Ben Askren have a rematch in WWE? Who do you want to see Jake Paul fight next?