Jake Paul's brutal knockout of Nate Robinson immediately became a hot topic of debate as soon as it took place. Many were surprised by how Paul won the fight while others knew it wasn't going to be pretty. After all, Paul has been into boxing for about three years now, while Robinson only picked it up this year. Robinson seemed to be in pretty bad shape after the fight and despite his insistence that he was fine, many fans continued to clown him on social media.

While speaking to HNHH as part of our "12 Days Of Christmas" interview series, Paul spoke to us about the post-fight aftermath and whether or not he exchanged words with Robinson. As he explained, the famous YouTuber had some words of encouragement for Robinson, who still has a lot left in the tank.

"Yeah, we were chatting in the DMs a little bit, just going back and forth, being good sports, you know, and I was telling him what I think he should do. I think he should fight again, and be somebody. I think he should get back in the ring," Paul said. "Everyone will want to see him against somebody else. There's a lot of opportunities here for him. I think he grew like 500,000 followers on Instagram, like he can really capitalize off of this moment. I wish him the best as well."

For now, it's uncertain whether or not Robinson will get back in the ring again, although fans are eager to see if he can redeem himself against a weaker opponent. Perhaps in a few years from now, we could even see a Robinson Vs. Paul rematch.

Jake Paul

Michael Reaves/Getty Images