Instead of getting dressed up for his birthday this year, Jake Paul is stripping down. On Monday, January 17th, the entertainer celebrated his 25th trip around the sun, and in true internet star fashion, he shared a photo to Instagram to commemorate the big day with his followers.

The NSFW picture sees Paul wearing nothing more than the chains around his neck and a blue hat on his head. As he holds his fingers up in a two and five, his girlfriend – model Julia Rose – crouches down in front of him, wearing a teensy tiny green bikini, a pair of white crew socks, and some sneakers.

Mark Brown/Getty Images

"25th year of life," the Ohio-born athlete wrote in the caption, going on to list his goals for the upcoming 12 months. "1) Get better every single day and enjoy every moment doing it, he began."

Paul also listed elevating @serranosisters and women's boxing, and "[helping] as many kids as possible through @boxing bullies," to his list of top priorities, along with "[exposing] bully Dana / [helping] fighters."

Last on the birthday boy's 2022 goal line-up is taking a trip to outer space with Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, or Elon Musk – think he'll get it done?

When sending her man his obligatory IG greeting, Rose wrote, "happy birthday dubba dubba... I can't wait to feed you popcorn and kiss your nose until you turn 80." As TMZ notes, it looks like Paul spent his 25th birthday in Utah, riding around in helicopters. 

Recently, it was reported that Jake Paul made $40 million from his boxing career in 2021 – read more about that here.