Jake Paul is one of the biggest draws in sports right now thanks to his huge knockout win against Nate Robinson. Now, numerous high-level fighters want to go up against Paul, which is surprising considering he has never fought a real professional boxer before. Regardless, Paul is loving all of the attention and as time goes on, more and more athletes throw their name into the ring.

One of the latest fighters to do so is MMA star Anthony Pettis, who recently spoke to TMZ about the ordeal. Pettis actually praised Paul and said that he is hoping to try boxing, as he has simply been doing MMA for so long.

"I think he's definitely getting better. He prepared for a boxing match. You could tell he was in boxing shape, he was in a stance at least. It's going to be interesting to see how far he can go with it," Pettis said before explaining why he'd like to try boxing. "Man, I'm only 33, and I've been doing this MMA thing for so long. 12 years with Zuffa. So as a pro, I think I've been like 14 years. It's a crazy life I live. I'd love to go in there and try something new."

As it stands, Paul has a few names ahead of Pettis on his list, although over the coming months, perhaps a deal could get done. At this point, anything can happen when it comes to the youngest Paul brother.

Anthony Pettis

Steve Marcus/Getty Images