After throwing a devastating knockout punch to Nate Robinson during their boxing match the other week, Jake Paul has been on top of the world. The 23-year-old has used this newfound confidence to call out almost every famous person ever, with hopes that somebody will see him in the ring, and help grant him another payday

One of the most ridiculous challenges Jake has thrown out there was directed at future UFC Hall of Famer, Conor McGregor. Of course, this might be the most enticing of fights for us watching at home, and would probably guarantee the largest draw, but still, it seemed far fetched - and Dana White thought so too

After Dana claimed that there was no chance he was going to entertain Jake Paul with "one of the best fighters in the world" (referring to Conor McGregor), he joked about letting Amanda Nunes "knock his a** out" instead - which Nunes seemed prepared to do.


Jake, however, seemed to find the comments by Dana confusing. In an Instagram post, Jake asked for clarity from Dana, reminding him that he said wouldn't allow Conor to fight Jake because he's one of the best fighters in the world, so then why would he let Nunes? Does he not think Amanda Nunes is one of the best fighters in the world too? 

It's definitely a bit of a sticky situation here, but that seems to be where Jake Paul thrives

Who do you think Jake should box next?