Jake Paul has been putting in work when it comes to the fight game as he has taken part in bouts against the likes of Nate Robinson and Ben Askren. Of course, these aren't exactly the best opponents in the world, however, Jake has shown the ability to come through with knockouts all while dominating his opponents. Next month, however, things are going to get a lot more difficult for Jake as he will go up against UFC fighter Tyron Woodley in what will certainly be his toughest match yet. 

This fight was supposed to take place on August 28th although according to SB Nation's Bad Left Hook, the match will actually take place just a day later on August 29th. Previously, it was reported that Paul had signed a deal with Showtime boxing which means this upcoming match will, indeed, be a Showtime PPV.

Tyron Woodley

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Both men stand to make a lot of money from this fight, and if you're Woodley, you can't help but feel slighted by the UFC wages he has made throughout his career. The Paul fight could very well give him the biggest purse of his professional life, which sets an interesting precedent for the future when it comes to other big-name UFC fighters.

Either way, most UFC fans will be in Woodley's corner come August 29th and we can't wait to see who comes out victorious. Let us know who you have taking the fight, in the comments below.

Tyron Woodley & Jake Paul

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