A 37-year-old Mexican man tried to make way into California through the Otay Mesa border when he was pulling a tractor with what appeared to just be jalapenos in his cargo. According to an official press release, a canine unit was assigned to the tractor that alerted the CBP officers, leading them to find 314 large packages of marijuana throughout the jalapeno shipment. 

Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images

“I am proud of the officers for seizing this significant marijuana load,” Otay Mesa Port Director, Rosa Hernandez stated in the press release. “Not only did they prevent the drugs from reaching our community, they also prevented millions of dollars of potential profit from making it into the hands of  a transnational criminal organization.”

The value of the weed is $2.3 million, weighing in at 7,560 pounds. The drug bust follows yet another marijuana seizure that occurred on August 13th when the CBP uncovered 10,642 pounds of marijuana in plastic auto part containers. So far in America, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana while 12 have legalized recreational use. Canada legalized marijuana on a federal level in October of 2018.