Jalen Ramsey has had some well-documented issues with the Jacksonville Jaguars over the last two season and last Sunday, those problems manifested themselves in a fight with the coach. Following the game, Ramsey requested to be traded from the team and this week, there have been a ton of rumors surrounding where he might end up. There have even been reports he'll play for the Jaguars tonight although, by Sunday, he could be on a brand new squad.

Thanks to a new report from Josina Anderson of ESPN, it's believed that Ramsey will more than likely be ready to go tonight. What's interesting about her report though, is that it lists some of the biggest contenders for the star cornerback. As she reports, the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, and Seattle Seahawks have all put in some attractive offers.

Ramsey is considered to be one of the best cornerbacks in football right now so it isn't surprising to see so many teams rushing after him. The Jaguars are well aware of the demand for a player of his caliber so right now, they're looking for a first-round pick and some extra assets.

Stay tuned for updates on Ramsey as we will be sure to report on a potential trade.