There is absolutely no doubt that Jalen Ramsey is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL and any team would be lucky to have him in their backfield. As of right now, Ramsey is a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars who just two years ago, were one of the best teams in the entire NFL. Now, the Jaguars are a mediocre team at best and it seems as though Ramsey is a little fed up. Just a couple of weeks ago, Ramsey requested a trade and for a while, it seemed as though his wishes would be granted.

The Jaguars have since rescinded their promise to trade Ramsey and are effectively holding him hostage until further notice. Ramsey has been missing games and practices with a nagging back issue which has led to speculation that he is purposely trying to stay away from the team. In light of this, Jaguars owner Shad Khan recently spoke to the Associated Press about Ramsey and whether or not a deal will be made.

James Gilbert/Getty Images

Via AP:

“Obviously, football is a team sport and I’m sensitive to what individual insight or viewpoint or requests [there] might be. But we have to do the right thing for the team. We value the values Jalen adds to us, to the Jaguars. I think we value him highly. We’re still looking at what is the right thing for the Jaguars, and I think right now the best thing is to have him be part of the team. I’ve met with him. I think my relationship with him is pretty good. This is not a request from me or a viewpoint from me. I have no issue, obviously. I’d love for him to be part of the Jaguars.”

Well, there you have it, Ramsey isn't going anywhere. With this in mind, it's going to be interesting to see what he does once he gets healthy. The Jaguars could have a really bizarre situation on their hands.