Jalen Rose has been one of the most outspoken sports analysts on TV over the last few years and when it comes to political matters, he isn't shy to voice his opinion. Recently, America has endured a lot of pain due to the police killing of George Floyd. Floyd was choked to death on camera and the police officer, Derek Chauvin has been arrested

Today on ESPN's Get Up!, Rose spoke about police brutality and the injustice that black people face on a daily basis. His statement was extremely powerful and poignant as he noted that many white people see people of color as a source of entertainment and culture, but not as real human beings.

"I wish America loved black people just as much as they love black culture," Rose said. "There's so many times that it gets cherry-picked and it gets piggybacked but only when it's convenient and sometimes it happens in entertainment and athletics. We're not here designed only to entertain.

"We're actually living and breathing human beings that have a multitude of intelligence, work ethic, discipline and talent. We've overcome a lot just like so many other races."

LeBron James reacted to Rose's speech on Twitter as he agreed with the former NBA star's sentiment. You can't help but feel Rose's pain when he speaks here and we hope his message resonates with those who have remained silent on the tough issues in our society.