It took almost two whole decades but, finally, there has been an advancement in the case regarding the murder of Jam Master Jay. The influential DJ for Run-DMC was killed in 2002 and there haven't been too many answers as to why and who was responsible. Finally, two long-time suspects will be indicted in the murder: Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan, Jr.

The latter of which is currently making headlines because of his activity on Instagram. His page is currently private but somebody caught a screenshot of a tribute that he posted to Jam Master Jay, visiting a mural that was painted for the man he is accused of killing and penning a message.

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

"Every now and then I pull up on the Big Homie," wrote Karl Jordan Jr. "Never forget Where you come from, Always show the OGs Respect cause one Day hopefully God allows You the Blessing of becoming 1 #JmJForever."

In the picture, he is seen standing at a mural of Jam Master Jay and wearing a Run-DMC t-shirt. Obviously, considering he is being accused of killing the legendary DJ, this is probably the highest form of disrespect he could have reached.

Details have been pouring out surrounding the motive Jordan Jr. and Washington had for killing Jay, with an investigator saying it was all over a drug deal.