If you're an NFL fan, then you know how bad the New York Jets have been when it comes to managing talent and keeping their team together. It's been almost 10 years since the team last made the playoffs and it doesn't seem like their odds are very good heading into next season. Not to mention, they now have a bit of a pickle on their hands, as Jamal Adams recently came out and admitted that he is trying to be traded.

There have been rumors as to which team he would want to play for and over the weekend, we got a bit of an answer. In the video below, a fan can be heard asking Adams about being traded to the Dallas Cowboys. From there, the Jets safety responds by saying "I'm trying." Clearly, America's team is at the top of his list.

Despite their lack of success in the playoffs over recent years, the Dallas Cowboys remain an attractive team for many players as they have state of the art facilities and are always a massive part of the National conversation.

If Adams were to end up on the Cowboys, they would surely become one of the best defenses in the league.