Jamal Adams has consistently been one of the best safeties in the entire NFL although it hasn't proven to be enough for the New York Jets. Adams is under contract with the team until 2021 and he has been working hard to get an extension with the team. Sure, the results on the field haven't been there but Adams seems to love New York and wants to continue making it his home.

Well, it seems like those original plans have changed in light of recent events. The Jets have proven to be reluctant in wanting to give Adams a contract and in response, the safety took to Instagram where he claimed it might be time to move on. Now, it is being reported that he has completely requested a trade and wants out of New York.

It is also being reported that Adams has a list of teams he would prefer to go to and that some of those teams are clubs he wouldn't look to sign an extension with. Simply put, he wants to be traded to a contender that he can help win a Super Bowl with.

Stay tuned over the coming days as this situation is sure to get interesting.