Jamal Murray has been having a phenomenal season with the Denver Nuggets and now that his team is in the Orlando bubble, he's picked up his play and is also fighting for a greater cause. Last night was the Nuggets' first game since the boycott this past week and they were looking to stay away from elimination as the Jazz held a 3-2 lead in the series. Murray came through with a monster of a game as he dropped 50 points and propelled his team to a win.

More importantly, however, Murray was playing for a greater cause. On his shoes, the Nuggets star had the faces of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor who were killed by police. After the game, Murray spoke on the meaning behind the shoes and got visibly emotional as he explained just how much playing for them means to him.

“We found something we’re fighting for as the NBA, as a collective unit…and I use these shoes as a symbol to keep fighting all around the world," Murray said.

Many players throughout the league are feeling the same way, especially with everything going on in the world. Over the next couple of months, the NBA plans to continue its fight for equality and the players have truly stepped up in a big way.