Kanye West and Lil Pump released "I Love It" last week, and the Spike Jonze directed music video has spawned a new internet challenge and has the entire industry talking. While some feel like the track is less than entertaining, others are dancing around in big box costumes. 

James Corden is following the "I Love It" spoof trend with a video of his own. The Late Late Show host decided to open his show with a parody of the new Kanye West and Lil Pump single. As we're sure you have seen, Kanye and Pump dance around in oversized shoes and box style outfits while walking down a long hall following Adele Givens. "You're such a f*cking hoe, I love it," sings Pump in autotune. Corden threw his own twist on the song, rapping, "This is the Late Late Show, you'll love it."

Corden is joined by Reggie Watts in a narrow hallway as the latter raps, "Desk and a chair, we follow Colbert," with the familiar Kanye "whoop" peppered in between his bars. "Last week we had Cher, her talent so rare/ So fix yourself a drink, recline armchair/ Will you change the channel?, I know you won't dare," raps Corden while he and Watts dance around in their large box suits.