While David Ayer's Suicide Squad had all the makings of a hit, the film ultimately misfired on a variety of levels. Some might say the brand was left "damaged" as a result. Now, it would appear the powers that be are opting for another go-around, bringing in Marvel cast-off and Guardians Of The Galaxy visionary James Gunn to right the ship. Following reports that Idris Elba would be joining the franchise as a recast of Will Smith's Deadshot, a follow-up has indicated the gun-loving assassin will likely anchor the upcoming "relaunch."

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

According to THR, the new script has "big plans" for Deadshot, with Gunn drawing from some of the character's classic comic book runs from the 80s. The decision to look backward for source material is already a deviation from Ayer's vision, who opted to follow DC's contemporary "New 52." Clearly, Gunn senses a story worth telling, and if Elba is indeed suiting up as the sharpshooting assassin slash antihero, perhaps there is hope for the Suicide Squad yet.