James Harden is a real one. The Rockets guard maybe arguably the best point guard in the world, but it’s what he’s doing outside the basketball court right now that’s getting him in the headlines. Today, footage surfaced online showing Harden gifting a group of family and friends $10,000 cash after he saw them fishing for food in the Bahamas.

The clip shows Harden handing his accomplice cash to give to the struggling woman, who in return was very thankful and saying “the struggle is real.”

However, that wasn’t a one time thing for Harden. James and his friends decided to give back to many others in the community as well and were seen giving cash to other random people and children in the streets (see below).

The act of kindness goes a long way for those people, but it won’t hurt James' bank account at all. The Rockets guard is currently on a 6-year $228 million contract, and that’s not even including his endorsement with Adidas.

In addition to all this, Harden will be running his JH-Town Weekend charity event come August 23-25 in Houston. Events include a comedy show and celebrity softball game, meanwhile proceeds will benefit his 3TheHardenWay organization.