By now, sports fans are well aware that James Harden is ready to leave the Houston Rockets. The NBA star wants to be traded to a contender team, and while executives are in the thick of negotiating a deal—hopefully—it's reported that Harden has been acting out. According to The AthleticHarden was involved in "multiple verbal confrontations with teammates in practice on Sunday and Monday." In one instance, it's stated that a "heated exchange" between Harden and Ja'Sean Tate escalated, resulting in Harden throwing a basketball at the rookie player.

That wasn't the only Harden moment that recently made headlines; the sports star has taken a few hits for his partying ways in recent weeks. Harden attended Lil Baby's maskless star-studded birthday bash in Atlanta, causing Harden to miss days of training camp because he needed to be quarantined. There were also reports of Harden being spotted in Las Vegas enjoying some time off. 

Harden was also seen in Houston at the Selective Group Winter Ball where he was given a nice Christmas gift: a Dior suitcase. The maskless party once again put Harden in the crosshairs of critics. You can check out a clip of the basketball star at the Houston event below.