Houston Rockets star James Harden has responded to the trade rumors circulating in the media in recent days, saying that he's "just focused on being here." 

James Harden, RocketsPool / Getty Images

"Right now, I'm just focused on being here," Harden said Wednesday, after the team's preseason win over the San Antonio Spurs. "Today was good. Yesterday felt really good being out there for the first time since the bubble. I haven't really had the opportunity to do a lot of 5-on-5 work, but for my first time being out there, it felt pretty good."

As for what Harden was doing in Las Vegas and Atlanta, where it was reported that he was partying with Lil Baby, he explained, "I was just training."

Harden says the team has not discussed the trade rumors nor the recent report about a toxic culture in the organization: "Since I've been here, nothing has been said about it," Harden said. "Everybody in the locker room and the coaching staff has been focused on ramping up and preparing for the season. That's all that matters."

New Rockets point guard John Wall avoided the topic when he was asked for comment by reporters: "I don't try to ask him about that because that's his personal business."

The NBA regular season is scheduled to tip-off on Dec. 22nd.