James Harden caught a lot of flack during the early portion of the season due to the way he handled his exodus out of Houston. From the late-night parties with Lil Baby to the staggering weight gain, it was clear from the beginning that Harden was doing everything he could for the Rockets to get rid of him. After a few games into the season, the Rockets did just that as Harden was sent to the Brooklyn Nets in a blockbuster deal that included four teams.

Recently, Harden got to sit down with Rachel Nichols of ESPN, where he gave his take on the whole Rockets debacle. As he explained, he's sorry for what happened, although he felt like he needed to do anything possible in order to get out of his situation.

“I apologize for how it went down, but I guess I had to do what I had to do in order to get where I wanted to go,” Harden said. “It ended up the right way. I just didn’t like how that month or two played out.”

Now, Harden is on a team with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, which has made the Nets automatic championship contenders. While they have experienced growing pains, they are getting better with every game, and fans can't wait to see how this season plays out.

James Harden

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images