Some massive news in the NBA broke last night as Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN revealed that the Houston Rockets had traded Russell Westbrook to the Washington Wizards in exchange for John Wall and a future first-round pick. This is a trade that had been rumored for quite some time although just about a week ago, the Wizards shot down any such rumors. Needless to say, they were simply doing this as a way to soften some of the speculation that was happening around the league.

So far, fans are split on who really won the trade, although it's clear that James Harden had a lot to do with the move. It was speculated that he too wanted to leave Houston, which left the Rockets wanting to do something big to keep him happy. While speaking on Get Up! Woj even reported that Wall was Harden's preferred teammate over Westbrook.

With this latest information in mind, it's clear that Harden continues to be a driving factor for the Rockets' biggest decisions. At this point, it would appear as though he is willing to give it a shot in Houston although if things don't get off on the right foot, then perhaps Harden will be gone before the season is over.

Stay tuned for all of the latest updates from the NBA world.

James Harden & Russell Westbrook

Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images