James Harden's exit from the Houston Rockets was something that was painful for all sides. Now, the superstar player is on the Brooklyn Nets, and his new team seems poised to do some big things in the NBA playoffs. 

For now, however, Harden has a lot of his energy focused on Houston, as the city is currently going through a crisis. This past week, a horrible winter storm made its way through the entire state of Texas and it left millions without power and water. Those in need have been struggling, and as Harden explained last night, he has been hard at work trying to get resources to those who need them most. Harden still loves Houston, and he felt like he needed to do something.

“I’m on calls literally every day. All-day," Harden said. "Trying to impact the city because they showed me so much love and respect during the time I was there. I call Houston my home.”

Harden's efforts to bring resources to the city will certainly go a long way, especially as the entire state continues to recover from what was an unexpected storm. At this point, it seems like Harden is doing more than a certain Senator, that shall remain nameless.

James Harden

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images