During their high-profile relationship, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were plagued with breakup rumors. There was a new report that they had split up almost every week but they kept being seen together, defying the odds and continuing their love. The two have been extremely private about their bond, rarely stepping out as a couple and choosing not to flood social media with reminders that they're still together. When Foxx was overheard telling people that he was single at an Oscars party, word got out and people began to speculate what went wrong in his relationship with Holmes. After all, she was once said to be absolutely "smitten" with him. With this latest development, it's possible that Foxx tried to swerve us all because, as reported by Daily Mail, he was spotted recently on a stroll through Central Park with his (ex?) girlfriend.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Either the two have remained close friends since splitting up or they're actually still together because Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were photographed taking a long walk through the park together. They were seemingly unafraid of the cameras because, as you likely know, Central Park can get pretty crowded at times. The couple did not exhibit any romantic behavior but you should keep in mind that they never really did when they were together either.

Do you think that Jamie and Katie are still dating or were they just catching up on everything they missed in the last few weeks?