Jamie Foxx has got Twitter going crazy as people can't help but comment on his beard. Jamie recently paid a visit to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon as well as Good Morning America to talk about his upcoming role in Robin Hood. Aside from an interest in his movie talk, people were (more) interested in his beard since it seemingly stole the show. 

"Jamie Foxx on GMA looking like he got his hairline and beard installed this morning," a user wrote on Twitter, with another adding: "Jamie Foxx needs a talking to. There is no way he should be out here with this fake ass beard he wearing." Jamie has been trolled in the past for apparently updating his hairline, so the loyal Internet trolls aren't letting him get away with touching up his beard. 

If you look at older photos of Jamie compared to his more recent shots, there's a notable difference in the thickness and placement of his beard, but hey, let a man live. In the meantime, check out more funny reactions on the matter below.