Last night, NBA players throughout the league and more specifically, the bubble, had a massive meeting to discuss whether or not they would be continuing on with the season. Players like LeBron James voted to end the season although this morning, he had a change of heart and the league will ultimately resume either Friday or Saturday. For fans, players, owners, referees, and everyone involved, it has been a stressful time that simply speaks to the importance of this moment and how we all need to stand united.

Of course, players like LeBron have been vocal about their distaste for this administration, although now it seems like one of its most prominent members wants to reach out. According to Politico, President Donald Trump's senior advisor, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner wants to get on a call with LeBron to discuss what the NBA Players should be doing. In fact, Kushner called out NBA players for not being effective in their actions.

"What I'd love to see from the players in the NBA--again they have the luxury of taking a night off from work, most Americans don't...I'd like to see them start moving into concrete solutions that are productive," Kushner said.

Kushner's comments were immediately met with criticism from NBA fans who were quick to point out that Kushner only got his job because he is married to Ivanka Trump, which is the ultimate form of privilege.

It remains to be seen whether or not LeBron will accept the call.