Jeezy and Jasmine Sanders were allegedly romantically involved for some time but, according to the Sports Illustrated model, the two were never actually an item.

This weekend, Jeezy was accused of sliding into his ex-girlfriend's DMs just weeks after getting engaged to Jeannie Mai. However, according to Jasmine Sanders, not only is that false but she and the rapper were never actually a couple in the first place.

"Jeezy and I never dated. He did not slide in my DMs. Stop reaching. You have the wrong guy," wrote Jasmine on Twitter after reports broke out that the rapper was sending his ex messages.

Thankfully, this was cleared up quickly because Jeezy and Jeannie Mai seem to have a beautiful relationship going and it would be a shame to see them struggle because of some false, petty rumors.

The rumors began after the model shared a photo of herself with a cryptic caption, writing: "I check all my DMs and yes I deleted yours." She also tweeted the following: "If you’re over it. Be over it. If you’re not- feel everything and stop feeling like you owe someone an explanation."

Because of the mysterious nature of the caption, people assumed that she was talking about Jeezy. It didn't take long for her to clear up the confusion though, telling the world that she was actually shading somebody else.