After Jason Derulo posted a photo of himself in a tight-fitted swimsuit that displayed a prominent print, Instagram removed it for infringing upon the app's community guidelines. Derulo was indignant about the removal of his self-anointed #anaconda, claiming this qualified as "discrimination." Derulo is now pointing out that he has also been victimized by the Cats editing team.

Cats premieres this week and its sure to be one of the biggest movies of the holiday season, despite the widespread concern that the blend of CGI and live-action technology resulted in some creepy creatures. At least you don't have to worry about the added distraction of Jason Derulo's junk because he detailed in an interview on Sirius XM's Andy Cohen Live that his character in the film, Rum Rum Tugger, is a castrated cat.

“They CGI-ed the dick out,” Derulo said. “Yeah, they did CGI. I noticed that.” The movie's trailer confirmed his suspicion, so you can go watch it to check for signs of airbrushing. "125 percent. I can see it in the trailer, for sure.” While Cats refused to feature his bulge, a porn website has offered a whopping $500,000 for him to whip it out. Since Derulo appears to take so much pride in his penis, perhaps he will accept the offer.