Jay 305's buzz is beginning to transcend the internet and his native West Coast, with the release of his lead single "Thuggin," produced by DJ Mustard. The OPM-affiliated rapper may already have a major label deal under his belt (Interscope), however he's still pretty new to this rap thing, and was thus a perfect match for our On The Come Up series. 

During the video interview, Jay speaks on his Dom Kennedy connection, getting signed to Interscope, doing jail time, as well as his debut album Taking All Bets

"'Thuggin' is on Taking All Bets. It is coming out on OPM and Interscope Records, and it's gunna be that shit. You can play it for your bitch, you can play it for your homies in the hood, at the club, and you can just vibe out to it. Dom [Kennedy] is on there for sure, I got a Suga Free feature but I gotta see how the business go, you know," he said of his debut album. He also mentioned that you might find a Kendrick Lamar feature on there too, fingers crossed. 

"Kendrick, I was supposed to be on the album, man [To Pimp A Butterfly]. Nah, I was supposed to be on that project but timing was bad. We gon' get that done soon. You might see him on my project though, you might, you might. You'll catch him on something for sure, 'cause that's my homie he really fuck with me and believe in my music," Jay said. 

Finally, the West Coast native big upped Future, and revealed the two have a collaboration in the stash that may never see the light of day (sad face).

"I actually kinda did a song with...It never came, I don't think it's ever gunna come out or nothing, [is] Future. Future is one of them artists I really fuck with right now man. I feel like me and Future could make some shit."

Before he peaced out, he left us with one solid word of advice: "Stop buying these bitches purses."