Following rampant rumors circling on Twitter, Jay Cutler has responded to the notion that he is dating conservative pundit Tomi Lahren. In a post of himself with a small cow, he says that it is his only lady.

Jay Cutler, Tomi Lahren, DatingTom Szczerbowski / Getty Images

"Only lady in my life. Be better internet," he writes. 

The rumors began to float around after reports surfaced that Cutler and Lahren were seen having drinks together.

"The two of them were having a lot of fun together at a table along with two other friends," a source tells Yahoo Life. "Tomi and Jay were passing a bottle of tequila back and forth and taking shots together directly from the bottle. The two of them left together."

Regardless of the extent of their relationship, Twitter spared no expense in the jokes. "Tomi Lahren claims she hates do-nothing losers who earn a paycheck for not contributing and also now she's dating Jay Cutler," one user wrote, Thursday night. 

"It makes sense that Jay Cutler is dating Tomi Lahren because 95% of his passes wound up going Far Right," another remarked.

Cutler played in the NFL for 12 seasons, mainly for the Chicago Bears. His last tenure was with the Dolphins in 2017.